Payer Contracting: Implementation

When you are ready to apply for network panel membership, The Diamond Group will do the heavy lifting for you.

We know how the application process works, including the right people to contact in the payer organizations to avoid roadblocks and time-wasting. As specialists in behavioral health contracting, we are very familiar with its special terms and conditions.

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Not all payer contracts are the same, so it is important that you negotiate one that is right for your business.

The Diamond Group is the leading consulting group specializing in managed care and behavioral health payer contracting.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions to payer contracting; each payer must be managed differently. The Diamond Group’s years of working with all major payers gives us the insights, experience, and points of contact needed to implement contracts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

The Diamond Group will manage all aspects of the application process:

We start by creating a marketing packet for your business that differentiates you from your competition
We know what payers look for and will ensure your application is received favorably
We know how to reach the right people
We understand the application process inside and out
We avoid roadblocks and time-wasting dead ends
As specialists in behavioral health contracting, we know the criteria that need to be met for your application to be approved

The Diamond Group provides a proprietary post contracting map to guide you through the clinical, administrative, and provider responsibilities.

Administration Support

The Diamond Group:

Completes your application and submits it to payers for processing
Manages due diligence during the credentialing process
Follows the lifecycle of the contracting process through implementation
Negotiates contract terms and conditions
Completes a thorough review of all contracts to ensure accuracy and completeness
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Contact us if you need a partner to help you navigate the payer contracting landscape.

We offer a free, no-strings, initial consultation that will help you determine if you can go it alone or need expert help. We will explain our fee structure so that you have all you need to decide.

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