Post-Contracting Support & Administration

Once your payer contract is in place, The Diamond Group offers full-service support and administration services to ensure it is maintained properly and stays in compliance.

Think of us as your outsourced Back Office for managing virtually all aspects of your ongoing contract maintenance.

Payer contract administration requires knowledgeable and diligent staff to ensure you remain in compliance and receive all eligible payments in a timely manner.

We’re on call for questions and troubleshooting, and can perform the following administrative tasks:

Manage new facility additions, deletions, and relocations
Manage payer notifications and contract updates for administrative address/personnel changes, and changes to locations and services
Complete applications for all payers per facility
Follow up with payers throughout the process to ensure timely credentialing and issuance of Amendments or other written verification to meet opening dates
Troubleshoot any payer issues that arise
Complete additional new payer contracts, as requested
Handle recredentialing requests: Payers require annual updates and short form documents to ensure provider’s compliance with state licensing, The Joint Commission and/or CARF, and insurance documents
Maintain compliance with SB 137 (California): Provider must inform payers each quarter if there has been any change in status or not
Administration, back-end support, and payer communications
Annual contract review and renewal
Rate increase negotiations

By authorizing us to represent you for contracting matters, you are freed to manage the daily demands of running your business. We chart project timelines and provide you with frequent reporting updates, so you are always up to date.

Contact us if you need help with payer relationship management.

The Diamond Group offers a convenient, outsourced solution for your contract administration needs. We will ensure you meet all compliance and reporting requirements while maximizing your payer revenues. We will augment and upskill your staff so you can avoid unnecessary hiring. Call us for a free, no-strings, initial consultation. We will outline the services we offer and our fee structure so that you can decide if outsourcing part or all of your payer contract administration makes sense for your business.

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